Who we are

"Tzabar Parents" NPO was established in January 2012 to deal with main cultural dilemmas of young immigrant parents in Israel - how do we create our own Jewish Israeli home? Which Jewish holidays and traditions would we like to keep inside our families? Which values from our homeland culture do we want to preserve? How can we build our secular Jewish identity? How can we raise bilingual kids within Israeli society?

What we do

We initiate family activities around Israeli and Jewish holidays, invite parents to meetings with professionals in the fields of education and culture, and strengthen the relationship with the Land of Israel by offering outdoor activities for families in national parks and at historical sites. In addition, we invest in the development of educational materials for parents and professionals; materials that can be used by parents at home as well as a basis for continuing education programs for educators.

During 2012-2013, in addition to main program (below), we conducted Jewish Identity & Culture survey among 262 Israeli Russian Speaking parents, to get better understanding of real cultural and social needs of our target group.

Target population

Russian Speaking secular families: parents (age 25-40) with children 1-8 years old, who made aliya from FSU to Israel since 1990' to now days.

Vision Statement

Tzabar Parents is social, professional and intellectual address to Israeli immigrant parents and educators in the field of Jewish & Israeli culture and identification among young immigrant families.

Our goals

  • To strengthen Jewish continuity and connectedness to Israel among young immigrant Israeli families.

  • To raise an awareness for bicultural& social integration dilemmas in Israel.

  • To create social network of young immigrant families, providing them with a positive Israeli Jewish experience and facilitating of sharing their unique identity &cultural dilemmas.

In two years of activity we

  • involved more than 105 families.

  • implemented 32 workshops, tours and seminars in three main projects.

  • enlarged our Facebook group which now has more than 670 followers.

The response from participants to our two years of activities has been very positive and groups of parents from different regions are interested to join our seminars and meetings, in addition to already active Center region parents.

Our Projects in 2014 are

  • "MishPohod" Family Journey (10 per year) - weekend educational outdoor meetings for young families, meant to strengthen the connection to the land of Israel via its rich nature resources, cultural and historical landmarks.

  • "Hamshush" weekend seminar (3-4 per year)) – two days educational seminar for young families, including outdoor activities and rich educational content. The seminar is meant to strengthen the connection to the land of Israel and raise questions re. Jewish heritage and identity./p>

  • "MishPohod in the city" Family Journey (12 per year) - weekend educational outdoor meetings for young families held in the cities or urban environment, meant to strengthen the connection to the land of Israel via its rich cultural and historical landmarks.

  • "Jewish holidays for Newbies" (10 per year) - secular meetings for young families-providing positive family Jewish experience, adapted to early childhood ages and Russian Speaking families cultural needs.

  • "SabRus"(1-2 evenings per month) - local parents' groups meetings with professionals in issues of identity, education and culture. Currently running in Rehovot and Netanya, next destinations- Ashdod and Beer Sheva.


Tzabar Parents is a registered Israeli non-profit (#580553550), and is supported by Israeli Ministry of Absorption (via Atidim Young Adults Center in Rehovot), Genesis Philanthropy group, 5 legged table Fund, Gimprich Foundation and the Jewish Agency for Israel (KLIK program and Babayt beyahad program). In addition, in our activities every family pays participation fees, which covers part of the meetings' costs.

We actively seek out additional partners who will allow us to expand our activities on behalf of these young families.